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Animal Reiki Brochure

Our Animal Reiki brochure is designed to help you start your Animal Reiki business and offers great information about Animal Reiki and allows you to add your business card to the back to personalize the brochure to share with your clients.

Click here to view the brochure: reikibrochure_PROOF.pdf

To order please email Kathleen Lester at klester@animalreikialliance.com.

The costs for brochures are as follows:

0 to 499 - $0.39/brochure
500 to 999 - $0.36/brochure
1000 + - $0.33/brochure

Shipping and handling:

0 to 500 brochures - $15.00
501 to 1,000 brochures - $30.00
1,000 + brochures (price to be determined at time of purchase)

Order Your Brochures Today!
To order brochures, please email Kathleen Lester at klester@animalreikialliance.com or call 443.986.1516.

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