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  Healing & Education Center

Reiki Share (3rd Monday of every Month)

  • 21 May 2018
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • 3730 Falls Road (Rear Entrance), Baltimore, MD 21211



Join us for our monthly Reiki share, where Reiki practitioners will gather to share Reiki with each other. Everyone will have the opportunity to share Reiki as a practitioner, as well as receive Reiki as the client. Gathering together to practice Reiki is a significant part of any practitioner's journey. 

We will begin each session with a special guest, who will share a new modality, technique or practice that we can experience. 

May's Reiki share will feature a 20 minute meditation led by Ayurvedic practitioner and meditation teacher Susan Weis-Bohlen, who has completed Animal Reiki I and II with Kathleen. Susan will share meditation to enhance your Reiki practice and lead us in a guided medtiation. The practice of meditation can enhance the power of Reiki through focus and concentration techniques. No meditation experience necessary. 

Cost: is a cash donation at the event, whatever you want to offer.

Registration: Please register in advance so we can plan enough tables for the Reiki share.   

Eligibility: Reiki practitioners at any level are welcome to join us. Also, if you are interested in learning Reiki, please join us to experience Reiki for yourself. 

Note: this event is not for animal companions. 

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