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Meet Kathleen

Kathleen is an Animal Reiki Practitioner & Teacher living in Baltimore, MD. She founded the Animal Reiki Alliance in 2010 to bring together individuals who are complementary healing practitioners to work towards bringing professionalism and standards to our work. Kathleen shares a strong belief that these practices, when integrated with veterinary medicine, have wonderful healing benefits.

Kathleen's vision is that Reiki and other complementary healing modalities will become a standard part of everyone's, human and animal, healing team. For now her primary focus is with animals and building integrity among these healing practices and bridging the gap with veterinary care.

Training & Certification

Kathleen received her Usui Reiki Master Teacher training from Tanja Anderson, MD, LMT          (raphaelholisticportal.com), and her Shinpiden Master Teacher training from Kathleen Prasad, Animal Reiki Teacher (animalreikisource.com), and has also taken Reiki with Susan Czemmel, RMT, KMT, ARMT (woofandwhimsy.com).

Kathleen received her Canine Massage Therapist Certification (CCMT) from Brendenburg Massage Therapy in Ohio.
Kathleen is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals. 


As Executive Director of the Animal Reiki Alliance, Kathleen has created a network of professionals in the Baltimore area, and hopes to expand this to the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. This network of individuals has worked together to create a series of educational workshops for the public to promote complementary healing practices with animals. Additionally, she has spearheaded the creation of the Animal Reiki Certification Training, encouraging Reiki practitioners to complete the work necessary to gain valuable experience and learn from that experience, while mentored. The certification process, requires the practitioner to submit a series of cases for each level of certification and mentors provide feedback and guidance along the way. Each practitioner listed in our Practitioner Directory, also agrees to follow the Animal Reiki Code of Ethics, developed by Kathleen Prasad, founder of the Animal Reiki Source.

Previously, Kathleen has been Director of Research for the National Drug Court Institute, Director of Training for the University of Maryland and most recently a Project Manager for the University of Maryland. Kathleen has always had a hand in working with animals. From her birth, she lived on a farm and began teaching horse back riding lessons at the age of 16, and continued to teach through college and upon moving to Washington, DC. She has trained horses and has always lived with animals. Currently, she lives with Althea (rottie lab mix), Jones (no one is sure mix) and two Bengal kittens - Sasha and Misha.

Kathleen presents at conferences and workshops and the author of several published articles, most recently on the topic of Reiki: Reiki Healing for Animals by Kathleen Lester and Tuning Into Your Animal Companion Through Animal Communication and Reiki by Terri Diener and Kathleen Lester both published in the Virginia Maryland Dog Magazine.

Kathleen's experiences have prepared her well for her new practice. She looks forward to a world in which all creatures are treated with compassion and kindness.

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