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About Kathleen

Kathleen Lester is an Animal Reiki Practitioner & Teacher, Certified Medical Reiki Master, a certified animal massage therapist, an animal communicator, and medical intuitive. Kathleen founded the Animal Reiki Alliance in 2010 to bring together Reiki practitioners and other complementary healing practitioners in an effort to develop professionalism and standards to our work with animals and human companions.

Kathleen's vision is that Reiki and other complementary healing modalities will become a standard part of everyone's, human and animal, healing team. For now her primary focus is with animals and building integrity among these healing practices and bridging the gap with veterinary care.

Training & Certifications

Reiki Training

Kathleen received her Usui Reiki Master Teacher training from Tanja Anderson, MD, LMT; and her Shinpiden Master Teacher training from Kathleen Prasad, Animal Reiki Teacher, Animal Reiki Source, and her Medical Reiki Master Certification from Raven Keyes, Raven Keyes Medical Reiki Interntional; and she has studied with Frans Stein, Reiki Teacher, International House of Reiki.  

Additional Training

Kathleen is a Mesa Carrier in the Andean Shamanic Tradition, studying with Land Spirits in the US and has participated in ceremony in Peru. Kathleen has also studied Crystal Healing with Land Spriits and Serenity Energy Healing.

More Animal Training

Kathleen has studied all three levels of Animal Communication with Terri Diener, Pet Speak; received her Canine Massage Therapist Certification (CCMT) from Brendenburg Massage Therapy in Ohio;  is a certified Animal Medical Intuitive and has her Veterinary Aromatic Medicine Certification from Dr. Melissa Shelton, DVM.

Published Works

Kathleen is the author of Animal Reiki Research: Implications for Practice, as well as numerous published articles.

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